13 januari 2018


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21 augusti 2016

07 augusti 2016

Hargshamn i Roslagen

Omådesbild från ett fotojobb i Hargshamn
Utsikt från småbåtshamnen över Hargsviken

19 mars 2016

Freddie Wadling

Jag hade den stora äran att få träffa denna man vid ett kort möte
för några år sedan,för honom var jag förmodligen bara en i mängen av alla dessa fotografer och journalister han träffar men för mig var det lite av ett magiskt ögonblick.
Freddie Wadling

18 november 2015

Camden Town in London

More streetphotos from my London/Camden files.
Click the pics to enlarge them.

Camden Town
I just love all the variation of people there.

I once saw this man in Camden Town and i hope to see him and have a short talk and take some more pics of him. What if we all could just dress the way we feel like and nobody would cares and judge us. Unfortunately i don't think its ever gonna happen but i sure hope it will.
This is NOT from Camden,can't really remember were i shot this pic
Camden Town is my favorite place to shoot streetpics the people is more relaxed
and not so uptight like people can be in other places when you take a pic.

Got so many more photos in my camden files but i will save them for another day ;)


07 maj 2015


One of the many and long beaches in Österlen
I can recommend a trip from Ystad along the coast to Kivik.

10 februari 2015

Around in London

I really love London but somethings brake my heart..all the unfortunate
people who don't have any place to go. I give what i can and hope you do the same

03 februari 2015

Selfiestick pics a new trend

Suddenly they are everywhere, peoples with selfiesticks. (London)

  As a photographer i have to say that i like this trend even if it looks a bit funny but we will 
get used to it eventually

29 januari 2015

Borough Market

Stopped by at Teds Veg were we bought strawberries thats tasted a bit like heaven

If you haven't been there i strongly recommend a visit, There is lots of things to
eat or take pictures of. But if you go there on a weekend there will be
crowed with people.

12 januari 2015

Winter Wonderland

Forsmarks Bruk

This is a real fantastic place not so long from Forsmarks Nuclear Plant. This is an old
industrial place with lots of history. You can also eat at the Forsmarks Värdshus (Tavern)
More info about this place here

11 oktober 2014

Kalender 2015 Källör

One of all project right now is to shoot pictures for a calendar for the benefit of
Källör in Östhammar where the money donated will go to the restoration of Källör
Pictures in the calendar will be in the old style, not as below in color.


We had a real fun time together when we shot all pics with the volunteers
One model (Charlotta) was convinced to stand out in the freezing cold water..it was surely just a couple of degrees warm.

Elisabet Sjöblom
Almost all men who were asked to  participate turn us down so there are just 
a few in the calendar.

04 oktober 2014

The tattoo story

How a photo becomes a tattoo

To see the whole photos and text ENTER HERE 

15 augusti 2014


A portrait of a child who was born to be a model

If you want to see more portrait browse thru the menu on the right side. And if you like to
see the pictures a bit bigger just click the once.

06 maj 2014

Its a Lajv

I was on a real fun gig last weekend. I got the honour to shot some  Larp (Live action roll player)  in the forest and got some amazing photos of them. Hope to get more gigs like this one in the future
Martin Johan & John
Johan & Martin

02 maj 2014

Källör Projektet

Just started an awesome project with a bunch of people. You can read more in the link below

15 mars 2014


Let us all do what we can to help all people who needs it. Doesn't have to be much sometimes a simply "Hi" is enough but I Am sure you can give something to help out.
In the streets of London